Wind Dancer Studio's Roger McGee, creates hand made, custom Native American Flutes. One of a kind creations designed and hand crafted with superb quality and painstaking detail. Wind Dancer Cedar Flutes are becoming well known for their unique artistic craftsmanship and concert quality tuning. Roger's flutes have been played on stage by professional recording artists such as Carlos Nakai, Travis Terry, and Jan "Looking Wolf". Roger's 28 year career as a bronze sculptor, has lent his flutes a distinctive "fine art" flare, unmatched by flute making standards.

Melissa Duncan is an artist who has enjoyed working in many mediums, and has created a portfolio with a wide spectrum of unique pieces over the past 20 years. Her wood carving collection, Tribal Animal Images, are hand-carved on refurbished wood that was gathered by her many connections in Wallowa County. While these pieces are not from any specific tribe, Melissa has spent many years with a passion for animals and a commitment to studying her heritage. Her first wood carving came to her in a dream and was the inspiration for the Tribal Animal Images collection. It is named "WIND SPIRIT". To see the Tribal Animal Image Collection in person you can view it at Kelly's Gallery in downtown Joseph. Recently Kelly's Gallery featured Melissa as one of the new local artists and invited her to join with another new artist in the area to create a unique piece that highlighted both of their talents in drawing horses. The piece was finished jointly during the celebration in front of an audience. To see the other creative art pieces by Melissa go to Mduncan Studio website:

Tom Clevenger’s portfolio includes art pedestals, furniture, and custom work. In 2007, Tom began experimenting with segmented wood turning. This complicated process of creating art with a wood lathe, involves the assembly of various colored and textured local and imported hardwoods from around the world. Tom's design inspiration comes from the vibrant colors and designs found on current and historic Native American textiles, pottery and baskets, as well as the beauty he finds in the natural forms of mountains, rivers, sunsets, and even the spirals of tornadoes. Tom first introduced his new art form at the 2008 Wallowa Valley Festival of Arts where he won 1st Place for his turning titled "Diversity". Tom’s work can be viewed at Stewart Jones Designs, Joseph Oregon.