Jeff Baird specializes in the wide view. Since developing the first panoramas to promote tourism on, to producing VR Tours for real-estate and now print, panoramic photography is my obsession. I also do a few standard-shaped local prints including portraits. Now order online. Additional services include Photo Restoration, Web Design and Video.

Robert Dawson started his romance with the west in 1978 while working for Columbia Pictures Television in Idaho. It was there that he saw how composition and lighting help create dramatic results on film. Dawson is now a contributing photographer for Western Horseman and American Cowboy magazines. In 2001 his photographs along with a collection of American cowboy poetry was published in a book titled Along the Cowboy Trail. Two other books on his work followed this titled The Spirit of the Horse and The Spirit of the Performance Horse. His latest title, "Romancing the West" features the Life of the American Cowboy in Photographs and Verse. See them in Joseph at Uptown Art

Mary Edwards Second only to her love of photography is her passion for fish. The two blend seamlessly when she takes her camera into the watery world of the Pacific Northwest’s rivers and streams. Her work has won several awards including: Directors Choice for “Between The Rocks” and two First Place awards for “In The Beginning” and “Reflections”. She has a degree in Wildlife Biology and also works in Fisheries here in Joseph. See her work at Kelly's Gallery in Joseph, Oregon. Mary’s life goal... “Spawn Photographs till I die...”

David Jensen, an award winning photographer, has lived and photographed the area for over 30 years. One of Oregon's most persistent and prolific photographers, his work has been featured in national publications ranging from Time Life to National Geographic. His stunning photography is now viewable on his own website. You'll find his prints locally at Valley Bronze, Uptown Art, and at several other locations across Oregon.

Leon Werdinger's work as a nature, wilderness, commercial and assignment photographer has taken him to areas on several continents. His images have appeared in many national magazines, catalogs, calendars and books. In addition to his work outside of Wallowa County, Leon occasionally does some shooting in the local area, including weddings.