Artist's Directory

Joseph Oregon is known as an art town

...because of its many fine artists.

Some have been recognized nationally and even worldwide... others are waiting to be discovered. Why they call this home is easy to understand; the natural beauty of the area is beyond words, a masterpiece in itself, their source of great inspiration..

Putting the Mountains and Lake aside, probably the next reason people visit the area is to see the artwork in town. The western theme of the bronze statues along with a perfect mountain backdrop creates a photographic opportunity few can resist.

The full-size sculptures that line main street are a signature of the town; they invite you to stroll down cobblestone boardwalks to peek into shops. There you'll find more local art in wide and sometimes completely unique mediums. A drive around the area will reveal an inspired artistry in even in the old barns, built by those long ago.

In this, the most extraordinary of settings, these artists have managed no small feat- to enrich the experience that is: Joseph Oregon.