Sam Collett is a portrait, figurative and landscape painter. "Joseph Oregon is a land of vast and majestic beauty. The mixture of forested mountains, rural farm and ranches has become my artistic metaphor. Wallowa County is a constant source of inspiration; this land and its people are always an enjoyable artistic challenge to me"

Mark Kortnik enjoys painting in oils with a realistic style in a variety of subjects that include; landscapes, floral's, and wildlife. He has been professionally painting for 20 years and has earned a B. A. degree in fine arts from California State University. Mark regularly exhibits in many northwest shows and owns Aspen Grove Gallery in Joseph.

Leslie LeViner's paintings are inspired by her love of the outdoors, which she creates in the French impressionism “plein air” style that literally translates into “open air.” And in the open air is where she spends her time painting ranch animals and rural scenery as well as the magnificent northeastern Oregon mountains.

Sheryl Parsons - An old photograph, a stop at the store for fresh fruit, a story book, a drive in the country, the changing of the seasons, all are inspiration for what she does. She primarily works in acrylics on canvas, but she also sculpts, illustrates and has been commissioned to do portraits. " I love the challenge of creating something pleasing to the eye that invokes a sense of peace and serenity. My goal is to ever expand what I do, try new mediums and enlarge the gift I've been blessed with." Currently her work can be found at Missy's Uptown Art on Main Street in Joseph.

Bob Peterson is an outdoorsman and an artist and strives to make each painting an emotional declaration about each animal's nature. This dedication requires not only a detailed understanding of each fish, bird or animal's characteristics, but their habits and habitats as well. Bob's love of the outdoors shows through in all his paintings

Carol McLaughlin is a self taught watercolor painter whose successful career began professionally in 1986. Carol loves to paint such subjects as; landscapes, floral's, wildlife, and ancient rock art designs. Carol also creates bronze sculpture. She regularly exhibits at many northwest art shows and her work can be found at Valley Bronze gallery in Astoria, Oregon. Carol also owns Aspen Grove Gallery in Joseph.