• Auditions


    Auditions for K-12 are held at the host school on Monday evening, the first day of the six-day residency!
  • Lights!


    All you need to do is come to auditions with a big voice, ready to follow instructions!
  • Cameras!


    After the dress rehearsal, you are all ready for two great performances at the OK Theatre!
  • Action!


    Rehearsals are really fun! Memorizing is easy! Working together in a group is a snap!
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Welcome to Missoula Children's Theatre!

We sincerely regret that our 2018 Performance will be postponed until 2019. Due to very tight school budgets, we are not able to complete our partnerships with all three districts.

  • In 2019 we will resume Residency week
  • Auditions and rehearsals will be held at the OK Theater
  • Audition time is 4:15 to 8:45 p.m. Monday. Rehearsals continue through Thursday with a possible early practice/dress rehearsal on Friday around 10:00 a.m. Specific time is still TBD but we will keep you informed.
  • Co-Coordinators are Erin Baynes with Kristen Ruckdashel
  • Contact Coordinators HERE

This is one of the most popular events held each year in Wallowa County for our school-age children. The Missoula Children's Theatre mission statement is “The development of life skills in children through participation in the performing arts”.  Every participant, a cast of 60 or more, comes away from this single fast-paced week with a lifetime of memories of success and accomplishment.  (link to MCT VIDEO)

For over thirty years the Wallowa Valley Arts Council has teamed up with the Wallowa, Enterprise, and Joseph school districts to sponsor this exciting event. The Missoula Children’s Theatre's two tour directors arrive with the script, music score, the entire stage set, all the beautiful costumes, and a whirlwind of enthusiasm, all packed into one Little Red Truck. Then, all they need is the cast!  Auditions begin on Monday evening and miraculously we are thoroughly entertained with two incredible live performances on Saturday.

teri and erinLocal Coordinators Erin Baynes and Terra Snyder


Where: OK Theatre

When: 2018 Performance delayed until 2019

Admission: $7 for adults, $4 for children  (This helps ensure that the show will go on!)

Our own local coordinators and volunteers work with the MCT directors and orchestrate housing for the tour team, audition space, rehearsal spaces, performance space, a piano and accompanist, publicity, and performance programs.  We applaud their huge behind-the-scenes commitment.

Actors! Memorize your lines and follow instructions.

Parents! Get those Actors to the audition, rehearsals, and performance ON TIME.

Each year, MCT rotates host schools among Joseph, Enterprise, and Wallowa.  Please contact our MCT Coordinators for more information on auditions, rehearsals, performances and how you can participate as a volunteer.

MCT Testimonial

From Jenni Blanchet Herman’s blog:

“Growing up in Wallowa County, there wasn't much as far as extracurricular activities other than sports, and I wasn't very good at those. So MCT showed me that I had talent and there was a place for a hardworking, memorization expert, loud talking, kid like me. The louder the better? AWESOME. Big expressive bodies? Loud and clear voices? Following dir....well, two out of three weren't bad. And as it turns out, I COULD listen and sit still when my most important one week a year depended on it! At that young age, acting gave me value.

“My love and admiration for Jim, Michael, and Melanie - three important people in the organization - as well as for my little community growing up and the Wallowa Valley Arts Counsel for bringing tour actors to my little home county year after year”.

You may want to visit her entire blog site: HERE