Austin Barton gave up advertising art in 1984, trying his hand at painting, before deciding sculpture was where his talent lay. He cast his first piece in 1985, at the age of 56. In a matter of years Barton’s work was in high demand; one of his editions sold out in less than a year. Three life-size pieces grace main street in Joseph, Oregon where his Western Style is always a favorite.

David Crawford's works are as much about texture as they are about form. "Aging, wear, and decay are textures of a rural life. The hasty and even whimsical mis-application of materials employed to repair derelict structures and equipment speak of lives lived, of hardship and of optimism. As frugality directs ingenuity, many objects seem to reveal the souls of those who use them and keep them working."

Dick Cross, a wonderful “cross” of hard core Harley Davidson and humorous bronze sculpture. He’s a man of few words but a true free spirit. The sculpture shown was inspired by Dick's father and represents the early days before today's craze. Followers will appreciate Dick's attention to detail, mood and historical accuracy that will bring you back to a time when it all began.

Shelley Curtiss Sculpture is smooth and stylized representational bronze with rich organic patina. At the age of sixty, she has accomplished a wide variety of works including commissioned pieces for five New York City Parks, the U.S. Treasury Department and the U.S. Forest Service. “When I create a figure, whether animal, human or abstract, I try to subtly balance my voice with what the subject itself ultimately wants to say. This is a compelling challenge." The links provided here go direct to her site. For local sales and viewing see Stewart Jones Gallery in Joseph Oregon.

Dale Dotson's first bronze was cast in the fall of 1992. His intent is to create action as well as anatomical accuracy in his work. Whilst his first love is North American big game animals, his current interest is in African wildlife. He works primarily from life drawings, video tapes and whenever possible mounted specimens. His immediate goal is to visit Africa as soon as possible and do a great deal of first person research.

Roger McGee has been sculpting since 1979, with four monumental statues to his name. The latest an 8' bronze statue of Walla Walla Great Chief " Peo Peo Mox Mox " in the prime of his life. This statue was unveiled during the sesquicentennial observance ( June 9-10 and 11th of June 2005 ) of the Stevens Treaty Council, in Walla Walla Washington. In 1982, he and Glenn Anderson worked together to create Valley Bronze Foundry with the idea of making Joseph the art's community that is thriving today. Since moving back to Wallowa County, Roger has combined his bronze sculpture with his love for carving (and playing) the Native American Flute.

Tim Norman was born and raised in Wallowa County, where Tim first discovered his talent for creating in high school. In 1996 Tim decided to take a leap of faith and began what is known as Norman Arts, a first class foundry just outside of Enterprise. This has given Tim a chance to offer exceptional quality bronze castings for clients as well as further explore his love of creating his own sculptures, drawings and paintings.